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We’ve found that there are many reasons our loyal patients return to Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group year after year for their dental care. One of the biggest of these is our team’s genuine commitment to our patients’ health and well-being. Here are some other reasons our patients are so satisfied.

  • Cozy amenities like soft pillows, warm blankets, large patient care rooms, and extended appointments if needed.
  • Your choice of sedation options to help you relax – inhaled sedation with laughing gas or oral conscious sedation in pill form.
  • Same-day emergency appointments when your family needs immediate care.

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"For a long time in dentistry there have been dental lasers, and for a long time they've promised dentistry without shots. Solea is the first FDA-approved all-tissue laser that allows us to do truly shot-less, drill-less dentistry. Over 90 percent of our fillings, whether it's metal filling replacement, tooth-colored filling replacement, or fresh decay, are done without shots. It's simply the most amazing technology that I've ever seen in dentistry because Solea offers an unparalleled patient experience. It provides a level of comfortability that was not available before. There's no noise, there's no whining of the drill, there's no vibration in your skull like a drill provides. The laser is so comfortable that oftentimes people don't even know which tooth we're working on.

In addition, I can work on any age range, from a 3-year-old to an 80-year-old. Usually the 3-year-old is just as comfortable as the 80-year-old would be. Oftentimes I can tell 3-year-olds, "We're using a lightsaber. We're gonna have a laser light show in your mouth." And the dental experience, their first dental experience, becomes a fun experience and not one filled with drills and shots and pokey things and scary circumstances.

Solea has touched really everything we do here in the office. It's not just good for jawless laser fillings; we can also make the surgical experience much different. You can imagine that if you're not using things like scalpels and drills and sometimes sutures, it's a lot easier for tissue to heal, and the healing phases are drastically reduced. The postoperative pain is very diminished. Sometimes people who have recently told me that they feel no pain after a tooth extraction, which to me, five years ago, would be unbelievable. So Solea has made what seemed impossible when I got out of dental school completely possible today, and I think Solea's a game-changer that's gonna change the trajectory of dentistry and the future of dentistry in amazing ways for years to come.

So Solea works by making very shallow, high-pulsed vaporization into the tooth structure. So we're peeling away layers of the tooth quickly, thousands of times a second, in a way that confuses the nerve into thinking the tooth is numb. So in this way we're able to rapidly remove tooth structure in a controlled fashion, much more controlled than with a drill. But we're also able to do it painlessly because the nerve's confused, and that's really the magic behind Solea.

Solea's such an amazing technology that I got involved early on in helping other doctors to embrace the technology. In fact, some doctors came as far away as Germany and North Korea just to see this technology in action. I've never seen a patient response or a doctor response from a technology like this. The greatest joy of Solea is the experience that it provides my patient and the smiles and hugs that I get after we're done with a procedure."

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Dr. Richard Slaten leads a very professional team that delivers consistent excellent service. My family, friends, and referrals all agree that Perfect-A-Smile provides every dental care option with comfort and confidence.
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