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Botox & Juvéderm

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Look Decades Younger With Botox & Juvéderm in Chagrin Falls

Cosmetic dentistry is just the beginning of having the look you’ve been missing for decades. We now offer Botox and Juvéderm in Chagrin Falls, OH to help you address the areas of your face that are still not what they used to be! Our calming and comfortable atmosphere will help you feel at ease while we work. When you visit Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group for facial rejuvenation, you can expect:

  • To get rid of stubborn frown lines and wrinkles.
  • To look decades younger.
  • To gain confidence, especially when speaking with others.
  • Access to your other dental care needs.

Let us help you decide which type of rejuvenation will help you achieve your cosmetic goals. We can’t wait to see you regain your youthful look, so give us a call at 440-708-0900.


We offer many cosmetic options that will help you improve your smile, including dental veneersInvisalign, and teeth whitening, but did you know that we can help you address the skin around your smile as well?

Botox injections will erase the flaws that have been bothering you: wrinkles, frown lines, or creases. They work by relaxing the muscles around your face so that the lines disappear! Botox is temporary but can be readministered after several months to help you maintain the look you love.

Juvéderm is another treatment option, often called a dermal filler, that may work for your cosmetic goals. Rather than relaxing muscles, Juvéderm actually fills the space that is sagging or creasing to remove the lines you despise. Juvéderm is an FDA-approved gel that can be reapplied every 6-12 months as needed. It can also be used to enhance the fullness of your lips.

Our team is ready to help you discover the benefits of Botox and Juvéderm in Chagrin Falls, OH. Give us a call at 440-708-0900 to get started! We’re sure you’re going to love your new look.

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