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Relieving Dental Anxiety

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Our Compassionate Team Specializes in Relieving Dental Anxiety in Chagrin Falls

We understand that many of our patients are nervous about their dental care. For most of us, visiting the dentist is not at the top of our list of fun things to do. That’s why Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group works so hard to ensure that each of our patients has a pleasant dental visit. Dr. Richard and the team are experts at relieving dental anxiety in Chagrin Falls!

Here are a few benefits of relying on us for your dental care:

  • Over three decades of experience helping calm the nerves of anxious patients.
  • A dentist office stocked with patient-friendly tools like painless laser tooth filling equipment and digital X-rays.
  • Your choice of relaxing sedation to take the edge off your anxiety.
  • A caring staff who will take all the time needed to help you relax – extended appointments are available and welcomed.

Call our friendly and experienced team today to schedule your appointment: 440-708-0900. We’re conveniently located at 16716 Chillicothe Road, Ste. 700 – next to the Goddard School.

Dental Sedation Helps You Receive the Care You Need

When you visit Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group, you can relax knowing that you and your smile are in skilled hands. Our dentists and staff are fully trained to help calm even the most anxious of patients. Sedation can always help, as well. We offer you:

  • Inhaled Sedation – You’ll breathe in laughing gas through a comfortable mask. It will begin to take effect in less than five minutes, giving you a warm feeling of euphoria all over. Afterward, you’ll feel like your old self again quickly.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – We’ll give you a prescription for an FDA-approved pill to take before your appointment. You’ll feel groggy and completely relaxed and may not remember much about your appointment afterward. The pill’s effects will take a few hours to wear off, so you’ll need to have someone drive you home.

Enjoy Our Huge List of Amenities

We like to make our patients feel right at home. When you trust us with your smile care, you can take advantage of amenities like:

  • Large, comfortable patient-care rooms to help you relax.
  • A coffee bar and water for your refreshment.
  • TVs, streaming music, CDs, and headphones for entertainment and distraction.
  • Soft pillows and warm blankets to lend a special touch.

"You know, when a patient enters our practice, there's so many preconceived notions about dentistry, and from the shots and the drills to they have pain in their mouth already, to the fact that somebody's just going to invade their privacy and ask them to open up and we're going to get in there with maybe two sets of hands, so we've got four hands working over their face. And we respect that. And some people, all's they need is the reassurance that we're with them and know that we're working with them. Other people might need (inaudible) so they get a good night's sleep the night before, because they're worried about it, and the (inaudible) as they get up and have somebody bring them to our practice.

Awful lot of people, all they need is a little bit of the (inaudible). People tend to call that laughing gas, but basically it's almost like a, oh, I suppose an adult having a glass of wine to relax, but luckily in five minutes, we can reverse that and the person can get in their car and go to work. We have pillows, we have blankets for people that feel a little cold. All of those are things that will help patients, but there's all other things. Even a shot, we have techniques we can do a lot of dentistry without Novocaine, without shots today. When we have to give somebody anesthetic, we use a topical. We know it's a topical, it's good, it numbs them and and allows us to put the needle in without them feeling it. That has to sit for a good five minutes before we even begin to give them that injection, and then we need to give the injection very slow.

So I think all of these are ways that we can deal with people who have anxiety for whatever that dentistry is. Some people just need a break, you know, you're working on them – my gosh, we have people that are here for three- and four-hour appointments. They just need to have a break sometimes. That's okay. No problem with that. And I think our patients know that."

To enjoy comfortable dental care, rely on the experts at relieving dental anxiety in Chagrin Falls! Call us today to schedule your appointment: 440-708-0900.

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