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Repair Your Smile Using Dental Crowns & Bridges in Chagrin Falls

Just as many thousands of patients have discovered over the years, Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group is the dentist office to visit when you need dental crowns and bridges in Chagrin Falls.

Dr. Richard Slaten, Dr. Kim Fury, and our talented team can help you:

  • Smile with renewed confidence everywhere you go.
  • Gain an edge when trying for a promotion or new job.
  • Eat all the foods you’ve had to avoid because of damaged or missing teeth.
  • Improve your oral health and prevent overall health problems.

Call us today at 440-708-0900 to schedule an appointment. We can rebuild your smile, too! Our office is conveniently located in the 44023 ZIP code, on Chillicothe Road next to Heinen’s.

"If somebody breaks a tooth, and they come in because of our technology – if you've had a crown, you know that usually you go in, they prep the tooth, prepare the tooth for the crown, take an impression, take a bunch of impressions, they put a temporary on, and then we have to send it to a lab. Three or four weeks later, you come back. You have to get numb again. When you come in, if you have a broken tooth, with our CEREC technology, that one-day crown, we prep the tooth. We don't put any goop in your mouth. It's all computer. You know, a scanner. We make the models on the computer, and make the crown, and we have a milling machine in blocks that you can match up to the color of the tooth and the teeth around it, and then it mills it in 15 minutes, put it in, and you're done.

So that right there, to most people, that's the last thing that we're going to do is want to go somewhere where they're going to have three appointments. Get numbed twice. Sometimes, because it's made in a lab, not virtually on a computer, it doesn't fit, and you got to do that all over again. So yeah, that’s probably one of the biggest services that people really, really appreciate here in our office, and also that we get referrals from, because there's not still not a lot of dental offices – they may have the technology and they don't use it, because it's got a big learning curve, you know? Richard and I have had it since 2004, and it's a good thing I had him around me in the beginning because I don't have a lot of patience. He does. It's really nice to have two of you, or enough, five of us, you know? And you get function right away."


Our expert team of dentists are skilled at using many types of tooth restorations, with several of them involving custom crowns or bridges.

Your options could include:

  • Single CEREC Crown – We can make and place your new crown right in our office using the CAD/CAM technology of our CEREC system. You won’t have to return for a second appointment! A single crown can repair a damaged or diseased tooth or, when secured on top of a dental implant, replace a missing tooth.
  • Dental Bridge – Your new bridge will replace one or more missing teeth. A traditional fixed bridge can be crafted of CEREC crowns and will attach to your other teeth on either end. An implant-supported bridge is similar, except it will anchor to two or more dental implants instead of your teeth.
  • Inlay or Onlay – When your tooth repair doesn’t require an entire crown – and a standard tooth filling won’t work – we may use these custom restorations. Inlays bond to the top of your tooth between the cusps, while onlays also extend over onto the side of the tooth.

CEREC was my first love in dentistry. When I was in undergrad, I started to get exposed to CEREC. And I thought it was so neat that we were combining computers with dentistry, at the time. But it was much more than neat. It allows us to reduce the number of visits required for a crown. In the past, we used to have to take a goopy impression that oftentimes patients would choke on, and it's not a fun experience, and we'd have to send that to the lab. The lab would have to make a permanent crown. In the meantime, patients would have to wear temporaries that would often come off, and they'd have to have them rebonded. So that means many other visits were involved.

With CEREC we can do the entire process in one visit. So we can take a digital impression instead of a polyvinyl, or traditional, impression. And that digital impression doesn't have to go in your mouth. It's taken with a camera. And that allows us to see your mouth in three dimensions on the screen, and that allows us to design your crown here, in-office, in a way that we have total control over. So if the shade is off or if we don't like something about the shape of the tooth, we simply change the design in the computer.

And it's a process of 10 to 15 minutes to mill the crown out of the CAD/CAM machine. And we can either custom-stain the crown in a small furnace, if we want to add characterization to the teeth to match the other teeth, say, for a front tooth situation, or we can simply polish the tooth, which takes a few minutes, and insert it in the mouth.

So in one two-hour appointment or less, we can give a patient a tooth back. And this used to take multiple visits for a combined, probably, three to four hours, double the amount of time. So it's a great service to our patients. But it also allows us to be more efficient and more precise in what we do here in the office."

Dental crowns and bridges in Chagrin Falls will get you back smiling in no time! Call us today at 440-708-0900 to schedule your appointment.

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