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Defeat Dental Anxiety With Our Laser (video)

Sven’s dental anxiety started with an incident that occurred three decades ago. He found relief from those feelings at Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group. He admits he was skeptical about our laser dentistry at first, but he’s learned that it makes treatments painless and efficient.

“With the laser, you do feel a little something, but it's not pain, believe me. If it was pain, I would know it,” Sven said.

You too can enjoy pain-free, worry-free dental care at our Chagrin Falls, OH office. Contact us online or call 440-708-0900 to request your next appointment with us.

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Dr. Richard Slaten leads a very professional team that delivers consistent excellent service. My family, friends, and referrals all agree that Perfect-A-Smile provides every dental care option with comfort and confidence.
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