Root Canals

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure designed to relieve pain and save your tooth when the pulp inside becomes infected or damaged. At Perfect A Smile, we understand the anxiety that can come with hearing you need a root canal. However, with advancements in dental techniques and anesthesia, root canal therapy is now as comfortable as getting a filling.

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

The pulp inside your tooth can become infected due to deep decay, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, or a crack or chip in the tooth. Symptoms of pulp infection include pain, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, discoloration of the tooth, and swelling and tenderness in the nearby gums. If left untreated, this infection can cause abscesses, leading to more severe health issues. A root canal may be necessary to remove the infection, “save” the tooth, and preserve its function.

Our Approach to Root Canal Therapy

Our experienced dental team uses the latest technology to ensure your root canal procedure is as painless and efficient as possible. We prioritize your comfort and will thoroughly explain the process, so you know exactly what to expect.

The Root Canal Process

A root canal treatment is relatively straightforward, and with the expertise of our dentists at Perfect A Smile, as comfortable as a routine filling. You can expect the following as part of your root canal therapy:


The area around the affected tooth is numbed to ensure a pain-free procedure.

Removing the Infection

A small opening is made in the crown of the tooth to clean out the infected or damaged pulp.

Filling the Tooth

After cleaning, the space is filled with a biocompatible material and sealed.


A crown or filling is placed to restore the tooth to its full function and aesthetic appearance.

FAQs About Root Canal Treatment

With modern anesthesia and sedation options, root canal treatment is typically painless. Most patients report feeling much better immediately after the procedure, with relief from the pain caused by the infection.
The procedure usually takes one to two visits, depending on the condition of your tooth and your personal circumstances. Each visit may last between 30 minutes to an hour.
Root canal treatments have a very high success rate, with many teeth fixed with a root canal lasting a lifetime. Following your dentist’s aftercare instructions is crucial for the success of your treatment.

Ready to Relieve Your Pain?

If you’re experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity, don’t wait for it to become unbearable. Contact Perfect A Smile Dental Group today to schedule an appointment. Our team is ready to provide the care you need with the compassion and expertise you deserve. Let us help you save your tooth and bring back your smile with convenient and stress-free root canal therapy in Chagrin Falls.