Discover The Strength Of Dental Implants

By the age of 65, more than half of the adults in American are missing at least one tooth. That is to say, you or someone you love may be facing a decision about replacing a tooth or teeth in the future. If that day comes, you should talk to our dentists in Chagrin Falls, OH about getting dental implants.

Implants add stability

Implants are replacements for the roots of your missing teeth. They are placed directly in your jawbone to provide strength for your replacement teeth.

Implants restore your bite

People with traditional dentures know that eating can be a challenge. By getting implants (instead of adhesives) to secure your restorations, you can generate more power when you bite. That allows you to eat anything you would like.

Implants protect your smile

If you are missing a few teeth, implants can prevent the bone loss that can occur after you lose even a single tooth. By preserving your jaw’s density, you are making it easier to avoid losing more teeth.

We’ve seen how much implants can improve the quality of life of our patients who have lost teeth. We want every patient to enjoy the confidence that comes with strong, stable restorations. To discover if implants are right for you, schedule a consultation at Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group. Contact us online or call 440-708-0900.