Feel More Confident By Getting Dental Implants

You call in your reservations to celebrate your anniversary. This is something you weren’t sure was going to happen at this time last year.

You knew you would still be married. Your love for your spouse isn’t in question. Before you got your implant-supported dentures, you would not have been willing to try eating in public for this big night out.

Thanks to your dental implants from Perfect-A-Smile, you can bite and chew comfortably and confidently. You also can hold an extended conversation with any worries about your replacement teeth coming loose or falling out.

Yep, it may be hard to believe, but your implants have improved your quality of life better than you would have expected. At least, they could if you call 440-336-8939 to make an appointment at our Chagrin Falls, OH dental office.

Dentures Aren’t The Same As Teeth

Losing your teeth is not anything that anyone wants to do. Nevertheless, more than 30 million Americans are missing one or both arches of their teeth.

Many of them choose to get traditional dentures. For previous generations, this often was the best option, but today we have a much better understanding of what happens to the mouth. You also have a better tooth replacement option because of implants.

When you get dentures, you are missing something important. You don’t have anything to replace the roots for your lost teeth. Traditional dentures rest over your gums. They are not connected to your jawbone. In the long-term, this leads to bone loss in your jaw. That changes the shape of your mouth, which also affects how loose your dentures become.

In time, many people become frustrated with slippery dentures. It becomes harder to eat many foods. You may need to apply denture adhesive more frequently, but even that only has minimal effect on how loose your dentures feel. Some people even develop sore spots from the way their dentures slide around.

Thankfully, you can prevent these problems by getting implants as part of your initial teeth replacement plan.

Implants Make Dentures Stronger

Modern implants have been around since the 1960s. There have been improvements and innovations to make them better, but the basic purpose remains the same.

Dental implants take the place of your roots. When implants are placed, they replicate the connection your teeth once had to your jawbone. This stops the bone loss that can and does happen with standard dentures.

But it gives you more benefits as well. When you have implants to support your dentures, they function practically as well as natural teeth. Studies show that patients with implants can bite with a force that is similar to the force created by people with full sets of healthy teeth.

In practical terms, this means you can eat anything that you want to eat. You can trust that your teeth won’t slide around when you are speaking. And you will restore your great looking smile, too.

Restore Your Healthy Smile

If you are missing teeth, you can feel like you’ve got your healthy smile back by getting dental implants at Perfect-A-Smile. Call 440-336-8939 or contact us online to request an appointment with one of our doctors in Chagrin Falls, OH.