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Keep Your Smile Bright With Chagrin Falls General Dentistry

At Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group, we view you as more than just a set of teeth. When you visit us, we’ll treat you as an individual with unique needs and goals. Dr. Richard Slaten and our whole team work hard to provide a high level of general dentistry in Chagrin Falls. We offer our patients:

  • Advanced dental tools like the Spectra decay detection system, intraoral digital photos, shot-free and pain-free fillings with Solea, and digital X-rays.
  • Beneficial treatments like dental cleanings, exams, gum disease treatment, and custom mouthguards.
  • Specials and promotions including our Dental Savings Plan and Patient Referral Program.

Schedule your appointment today for general dental care: 440-708-0900. If you’re nervous about your visit, ask us about our sedation options. We’re conveniently located at 16716 Chillicothe Road, Ste. 700, across from Panera Bread.


Your first visit with us will take approximately one hour. Our goal for this visit will be to:

  • Get acquainted with you.
  • Review your medical history.
  • Take digital photos of your smile and discuss any specific concerns you have.
  • Take a set of X-rays.
  • Examine your teeth, gums, and mouth.
  • Perform salivary diagnostics to check for signs of disease.
  • Screen you for oral cancer using the VELscope system.
  • Clean and polish your teeth.


If you need other types of general dentistry, we can help with:

  • Fluoride treatments and varnishes to help prevent cavities.
  • Dry mouth treatment using oral hygiene education and specialty products like rinses, candies, and toothpastes.
  • Halitosis (bad breath) treatment through nutritional counseling and specialty products.
  • Tooth sealants to protect against tooth decay that could require restorative treatment.
  • Custom athletic mouthguards for teeth protection during sports. We can even do unique designs with specific colors and logos.

Call 440-708-0900 to make your appointment for general dentistry in Chagrin Falls. We’re waiting to help keep your smile beautiful!

"I think general dentistry, first of all, involves the patient coming in for routine visits. Those routine visits people might call dental cleaning, we call them dental health visits because we do more than clean their teeth.

And it really depends on the patient. Some people we need to see them every six months. We actually have some patients don't need to be seen once a year. We have other patients need to be seen every two or three months because maybe they have things such as periodontal disease, or maybe they have habits like smoking. These can create a lot of dental problems for us, so it's up to us to educate them as to what's happening in their mouth and how often we need to see them.

Now when we see them, there's all kind of things going on besides cleaning their teeth. Certainly we're looking at their teeth and examining, but we're seeing if they're having any discomfort. We have tools such as VELscope, which you actually can look at their soft tissues. Not just feel and see if they have any lumps or things we should be concerned about, but a VELscope looks at the mouth and lets us see below the tissue level, the cells. Is there something going on, changes in their mouth, that we should react to and show them?

So if we can stop things at the early level, it's to the patient's benefit because this tooth today ... as a general dentist, we look at people and we think, You know what, their life expectancy could be 90 and 100 years now, it's not 60 years old. So how do we get this tooth from them at 25 to 100 years old?

If we start doing crowns and root canals at 35, they're not gonna have that tooth at 100 years old. So minimally invasive dentistry has been part of general dentistry. Minimally invasive dentistry we can actually do without the shots and the drills today and keep these very small, to where we're talking millimeters, two millimeters. We're not talking a half inch, here. And so I think that benefits the patient. So we can do all that here.

Should a patient need such things as root canals, as even implants, we can do that here. We have the ability to actually do crowns for them in one day rather than them coming back for it later. I think general dentistry encompasses all this. And so it’s hard to explain it in, I think, one question and even one small little setting. It's like, what part of general dentistry you want to know about? You know?"

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