Make a Change for a Better Smile

We look forward to watching the leaves change color every year. It’s a beautiful sight, and it makes for fantastic photos. There’s just something nice about seeing trees full of leaves that are a variety of colors.

Teeth, however, don’t look as nice when they are multiple colors. The good news is you can revive your clean smile with a little help from our team at Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group. If you want a better smile, now is a great time to call 440-583-6399 to talk to one of our doctors in Chagrin Falls, OH.

Your Smile Can Shine

People want their teeth to be white. Yet, it also is normal for smile to become stained over time. Coffee in the morning, soft drinks in the afternoon, and a glass of wine in the evening all add to the discoloration in their own way. Pretty much any food that you eat from pasta and tacos to burgers and brownies cause stains as well.

In other words, it’s almost inevitable that your teeth will become yellowed.

Fortunately, you also can restore your bright smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry. We offer some great options for our patients. We have seen the effects of these treatments both on our patients’ teeth and on their self-confidence. You can add new life to your smile and enjoy an emotional boost as well. Your first step is scheduling an appointment with us.

Find The Right Solution For Your Situation

We don’t have to tell you that smiles look nicer when your teeth are white and bright. After all, the toothpaste aisle is filled with a variety of “whitening” products for a reason. Some of these do more than others, but too often, they don’t produce the results that people want to see. For better or worse, that’s when many patients talk to us.

We offer two options for professional teeth whitening. The first is for patients who want immediate results. Our in-office whitening can remove deep stains so your smile can be shades brighter in a single visit. You might be surprised by how quickly this professional-grade whitening can revive the appearance of your teeth.

If you prefer the convenience of doing things on your schedule, we also offer take-home whitening kits. You have two choices for your DIY whitening. The first is letting us make custom whitening trays that are molded to your teeth. We’ll explain how to use them and whitening gel to get the best results possible. For a simpler solution, you can ask about the Opalescence Go whitening system. These pre-filled trays are ready to go right out of the box. Just put them in and use them as directed.

Unfortunately, whitening isn’t a good option for everyone. You can still have a bright smile again, however, with dental veneers. These are like specially-made shells for your teeth. They are made specifically for each patient. When they are bonded to the front of your smile, your teeth can look exactly as bright as you would like them to be.

Let’s Get Started On Your Smile Transformation

Don’t wait any longer to renew your confidence in your smile. Call 440-583-6399 or contact us online. Plan your appointment at Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group in Chagrin Falls, OH.