Remember To Floss In The Fight Against Gum Disease

Everyone can be grateful for a healthy smile. It’s something we hope you and your loved ones can be thankful to have this Thanksgiving and many holidays to come.

Being proactive about your oral health is the best way to do that. Having a consistent daily oral care routine can go a long way toward preventing gum disease and other oral health issues. You also should make regular visits to Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group for regular checkups. If we find an issue, we do offer periodontal treatments, but it’s better for you to avoid the problems in the first place.

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To Keep Your Smile Clean, You Need To Get In Between

You might not know that National Flossing Day is the day after Thanksgiving every year, but that does make this a good time to review why flossing is important.

If you’ve read our blogs regularly, then you are already aware that the American Dental Association recommends daily brushing and flossing. Both are important for maintaining your long-term oral health.

Brushing (twice daily, two minutes at a time) will remove most of the plaque and food particles from your teeth. Yet, it’s not a great way to clean between your teeth or below your gumline. Flossing is how you clean those spaces that your toothbrush doesn’t.

Dental floss is probably the most common tool for this job, but according to a recent ADA survey, most people (60 percent) do not floss daily. Coincidentally, a majority of Americans will develop gum disease. Those things might be unrelated, or one may explain the other.

If you are among the people who don’t floss because you don’t like or can’t use dental floss, you do have other options. Many people have used flossers as a more comfortable and convenient way to clean between their teeth. You can find them in the toothpaste aisle many stores.

If you don’t like the feel of floss between your teeth, then a water pick may be a better choice for you. Water picks create a slim stream of water to dislodge food particles and wash away plaque.

Regardless of which interdental cleaner you choose, just remember to use it daily as part of your oral care habits.

Protect Your Smile

To stay free from gum disease, make flossing a regular part of your routine. Remember to visit our team at Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group, too.

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