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Revive Your Smile With Dentures in Chagrin Falls

We have good news for you if you’re tired of the daily hassle of missing teeth. Chagrin Falls dentures can make your life much easier! Thanks to advances in denture materials and manufacturing in recent years, these beautiful replacement teeth are much more comfortable and stable than your grandfather’s old “false teeth.”

Custom dentures from Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group can help you:

  • Eat whatever you want.
  • Smile with abandon.
  • Enjoy more confidence.
  • Look more attractive.
  • Speak more plainly.
  • Improve your oral health.
  • Enjoy eating out again.
  • And the list could go on and on …

Don’t wait another minute to get your new teeth! Call us today at 440-708-0900 to schedule your consultation. Our friendly office is located at 16716 Chillicothe Road, Ste. 700 – near the intersection of Chillicothe Road and East Washington Street.


If you need new teeth replacements, we have all kinds of them at Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group! We’ll help you pick out the best type for your unique needs.

Your options may include:

  • Conventional Full – Replace an entire arch of teeth with these time-tested dentures. They remove easily for daily cleaning and care.
  • Conventional Partial – If you have some healthy teeth remaining, this type of denture will fill in the gaps and give you a complete smile. Like the full denture type, you can remove them as needed.
  • Implant-Retained – We’ll secure a brand-new denture set to dental implants using a system of snaps and balls. These replacement teeth will outperform and feel better than standard a denture. You can talk, eat, and laugh without fear your teeth will fly out!
  • Implant-Supported – Take advantage of our most comfortable and stable style of denture. They secure to a bar that is anchored to dental implants, giving you the best teeth replacement experience possible.
  • Temporary (Same-Day) Dentures – If you’re a good candidate for a same-day smile procedure, we’ll fit you with temporary dentures until your final restorations are made. You’ll never be without your teeth!

"Dentures is an area in dentistry that I think sometimes we give shortsightedness to today. With all the marvelous crowns and implants and things and bridges we do, but you know, there's just some people that don't have teeth, and they want to be able to eat and look good and function good. We have to take time when we make these dentures. It isn't something that you just take an impression and they come back next week and have a set of teeth.

Where do the teeth need to be set? How does it support their lip? How does it support the distance between their chin and their nose? How does it look from the side? How does it help them in enunciation? We think it's easy to say the S sound. It's not easy to say 66 when you have dentures in. It's, where does your tongue fit on those teeth? Are those teeth far enough away from your tongue or close enough to your tongue that you don't get a lisp? There's many factors that go into a denture as to how to help a patient today.

The other thing that's very, very interesting, the technology today where, everybody I know who's ever had a denture knows that we put this putty and stuff in their mouth to form these dentures. We actually take scans now, digital scans, and use those to help us form the dentures and put the teeth in the right place and see how it looks on their lips and their chin before we do it. Dentures are important to take try-ins, let the patient see, feel, touch them, even go home with them sometimes in wax. How does their spouse or their partner feel about the looks of those teeth? It can be very rewarding, but it takes a little time."

Enjoy the full use of your teeth again with dentures in Chagrin Falls. Call Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group today at 440-708-0900 to set up an appointment. We’ll give you back a beautiful, natural-looking smile!

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