Three Good Reasons To Treat Your Sleep Apnea

A good night’s sleep makes a big difference in how you feel the next day. If you have sleep apnea, those good nights may be few and far between. If you want to start enjoying deep, healthy sleep, it’s time to visit us to discuss our sleep apnea treatment. Here are three reasons you should contact our Chagrin Falls, OH dental office:

1. You Need To Breathe

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which someone stops breathing when they fall asleep. To combat this, your body will wake you up when you stop breathing. This is usually brief, and you may not remember it. Yet, it can happen hundreds of times every night.

2. You Need To Stay Asleep To Enjoy Deep Sleep

In order to reach the stages of deep sleep, you need to remain asleep for extended periods of time. When breathing stoppages occur dozens or even hundreds of times each night, you are not getting the sustained sleep you need. This can lead to sleep deprivation, which explains fatigue and daytime sleepiness the following day.

3. You Can Stop Snoring

Snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea, which means your partner may be more aware of your problem than you. This also means your sleep issues are affecting how well or poorly your loved ones sleep.

Our team wants you to keep breathing, get the healthy sleep that you deserve, and stop you from disrupting your family members’ sleep. Find out how we can help you. Call 440-708-0900 or contact us online. Set up a consultation at Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group soon.