Why CEREC Is Game-Changing Dental Technology

CEREC stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.” It is a computer-assisted design and manufacturing system for dentists. It uses a combination of modern technology to create tooth restorations in a dentist’s office, all within a single visit. CEREC utilizes a camera, computer, and milling instrument to get the job done better and quicker than ever before.

What does this have to do with you? Good question! At Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group, we value our patients’ time but want to provide the best quality care. With technology like CEREC, we can not only restore or enhance your teeth much faster, but we can do so in a way that is safe and long-lasting.

The Benefits of CEREC

We use the CEREC system to repair damaged or unsightly teeth. If you are unhappy with your smile and are looking for a solution that won’t require several visits to the dentist’s office, you are in luck. There are several advantages to using CEREC technology, including:

  • The process allows for same-day service, meaning treatment can often be completed in a single visit, saving you from having to make multiple visits to the dentist’s office.
  • By using CEREC, we don’t have to stock up on disposable impression materials because the device takes a digital impression.
  • Temporary restorations aren’t required.
  • A restoration designed by CEREC is durable and reliable. According to a study in the International Journal of Computerized Dentistry, 87.5 percent of CEREC inlays and onlays lasted after 27 years of use.

What Is CEREC Used For?

CEREC is a remarkable technology for many reasons, but one of the most impressive features is the many restorations that can be designed and created with it. At Perfect-A-Smile, we use CEREC technology for the following restorations.

CEREC Inlay Restoration

CEREC inlay restorations can help stabilize and strengthen your tooth after decay is treated and removed. With CEREC materials, you are not only left with a stronger tooth, but a better-looking one as well.

We use CEREC inlay restorations to create a smooth, tooth-colored replacement for amalgam fillings that are often lost to cavities. And thanks to this technology, CEREC inlays match your tooth’s structure and color.

CEREC Onlay Restoration

Many patients have a hard time with silver amalgam restorations because they don’t like the way their crowns look and they often need to be replaced because of recurrent decay. CEREC onlays are a great alternative because they allow us to keep the original structure of your tooth while creating a much more natural look. The material of CEREC onlays looks and feels just like a real tooth.

CEREC Crowns

Typically, a traditional dental crown will take up to three appointments to replace after a filling is lost. CEREC crowns, however, only need one visit to install and look and feel just like a real tooth.

CEREC Veneers

If you are self-conscious about the size or color of your teeth, CEREC veneers are a great restoration option that can be completed in just one visit.

To learn more about how we use CEREC in our Chagrin Falls, OH office, call Perfect-A-Smile at 440-708-0900 or contact us online to request an appointment. We would love to share all the ways we can transform your smile with this state-of-the-art technology.