Dine How You Like With Dental Implants

Sometime this summer — maybe multiple times — you’ll find yourself at a cookout, a family reunion, or another event where food and fellowship are a big part of the fun.

When you approach the table, do you look forward to picking out your favorites? Or, do you worry that you won’t be able to eat anything because of loose dentures or missing teeth?

Would you like to be able to eat anything your heart desires? Do you want to feel confident that you can bite into the food on your plate? Do you want to feel positive that you can chew food comfortably?

Then, you should call 440-708-0900 to set up a consultation at Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group. Find out how dental implants could help you like they have helped many of our patients in and around Chagrin Falls, OH.

Don’t Slip

Let’s go back to that cookout for a moment.

Imagine the spread of food includes grilled chicken and steak, corn on the cob, a vegetable tray with crunchy baby carrots. Maybe there is a bowl of assorted nuts or some hard cookies to snack on.

With standard dentures, any or all of those foods could pose problems. Trying to chew the chicken or steak may feel like a chore. Biting into the corn, a baby carrot, or a cookie could cause you to worry that your “teeth” will move around inside your mouth.

By getting implant-supported dentures, you can prevent those problems. Implants are proven to keep restorations (like dentures) secure and stable. They anchor your dentures to your jaw, which allows you to generate more force in every bite.

That’s why you can bite and chew nearly as well as someone with a full set of teeth. From a practical standpoint, implants can help you feel like you’ve got healthy, natural teeth again.

Stay Strong

We can tell you plenty of stories from our patients about how getting implants improved their overall quality of life. Going to a cookout — or dining out with your loved ones – is much easier when you don’t waste energy wondering what (if anything) you will be able to eat.

With denture, your replacement teeth are left to rest over and outside your gums. Adhesives can offer some help, but you simply can’t bite and chew as easily when you “teeth” can move around. Even speaking can be difficult at times when your dentures don’t stay where they should.

Implants are titanium screws that are placed directly into your jawbone. Like you roots did before, implants hold your dentures steady. Implants also directly connect your teeth replacements to your jawbone. As a result, you can bite and chew naturally and easily. This is why, for all practical purposes, you can feel like you’ve got “real” teeth again.

Fill Your Plate

When you are invited to cookouts in the future, look forward to spending time with your family and friends and the food. Call Perfect-A-Smile at 440-708-0900 or contact us online to ask how you can get dental implants.