Straight Teeth Could Improve Your Smile

Straight teeth are healthy teeth.

Straight teeth also make beautiful smiles.

If your teeth aren’t as straight as you would like, you can do something about it by visiting Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group. With our orthodontic options, you can find a service to correct your smile in a way that fits your lifestyle.

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See The Difference In Your Smile

When you have the smile of your dreams, it can change you in ways you might not anticipate. Your new, nice teeth can do more than improve your smile.

Many patients get a confidence boost when they complete their treatment. We can tell in the way they hold their heads higher, speak with directly, and seem more relaxed when they visit us. Many of them have told us they’ve noticed the difference in their personal and professional lives as well.

From an oral health standpoint, straight teeth are beneficial as well. When your teeth aren’t crowded or overlapping one another, you can brush and floss more effectively. When you correct an overbite or underbite, you may be reducing the wear and tear on the enamel of teeth, which can keep them healthy longer, too.

Learn How To Make the Changes You Want

We have treatments that can work for teens and adults. We have treatments to correct severe alignment problems and treatments that are primarily cosmetic in nature:

• Traditional Braces — Most people think of metal brackets and wires when they think of orthodontics. This tried and true option can fix practically any alignment issue you might have. It’s been used for decades to straighten teeth with a wide range of problems.

Clear Ceramic Braces — If you prefer something a little more subtle, ceramic brace more closely match the color of your teeth. This makes them less visible while they work on the same kinds of issues you would treat with metal braces.

• Self-Ligating Braces – These modern braces require fewer adjustments (every six weeks instead of every two to three weeks). Several patients have commented that these are more comfortable than they expected, too. Unlike traditional braces, these don’t require small rubber bands to assist them.

• Six Month Smiles – If you are more interested in improving the cosmetic appearance of your, this may be the option for you. In about six months (give or take a few months depending on your particular situation), you can change the appearance of your smile. If fast results are what you want, this is an option to consider.

• Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment – This kind of orthodontic care can begin around a child’s seventh birthday. Tools like palatial expanders can guide the development of the mouth so teeth can erupt more easily. This can reduce or possibly eliminate the need for other treatment when the child is older.

Take Control Of Your Smile

You don’t have to live with a crooked smile any longer. You can do something about it. You can contact Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group online or call 440-336-8939 to request an appointment. This could be your first step toward your new and better smile.