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The Future Is Now … With Laser Dentistry

Imagine being so afraid of dental care that you haven’t visited any dentist in years, even decades. Now imagine advances in technology that make it possible to get dental care without pain or worry.

You can quit imaging. That “future” technology is already here in Chagrin Falls, OH at Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group.

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Choose A Gentler Treatment Option

Dental anxiety can make it difficult to contact a dentist office to schedule a visit, much less to sit down in a dental chair. It’s why we are grateful to offer a treatment option that can help you or someone you love receive the care you deserve to improve and maintain good oral health.

Many people with dental anxiety have memories of getting shots and feeling a drill on their teeth. As a result, the sight of a needle or that dreaded whirring sound can cause them to cringe at the idea of a dental cleaning and exam.

By coming to a practice that can treat you without either of those things can help you take your first step back to long-term oral health. The Solea CO2 laser allows us to perform painless preventive and restorative treatments, which makes dental care easier for you.

Our laser can be adjusted for use on hard tissue (teeth) and soft tissue (such as your gums). This means we can do a variety of treatments without a drill, a needle, or a scalpel. Whether you have a cavity, a broken tooth, or gum disease, we are proud to offer an advanced solution to fix your problem. And you can get back to living your normal life.

Preventing Anxiety Is A Great Thing

As much as we appreciate helping someone who hasn’t been to the dentist in decades, we are just as happy to give people a reason to see our office as a caring place. Our younger patients don’t associate dental visits with drills or needles. As one of them told Cleveland 19 News, the laser feels like “air blowing on your mouth or your teeth.”

Feel The Difference

Pain, noise, and vibrations can add to the fear that many patients feel. Laser dentistry can eliminate those issues, so you can remain relaxed when you visit Perfect-A-Smile.

To request an appointment, contact us online or call 440-708-0900 today. We look forward to showing you what we and our dental laser can do for you!

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