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Nagging jaw pain. Annoying popping when opening your mouth. Unexplained headaches. These are all signs of TMJ issues. Don’t put up with continuous pain. Dr. Richard and the team at Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group provide effective solutions for our patients with these kinds of issues. Our Chagrin Falls TMJ treatment can help:

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  • Stop your jaw and facial pain so you can relax.
  • Eliminate tension in your neck and shoulder area.
  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of your headaches.
  • Stop you from grinding your teeth and damaging your tooth enamel.

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Our TMJ Solutions Offer You Welcome Relief

Many people suffer from pain in their TMJ (temporomandibular joint). These complex joints located on either side of your head make it possible to open and close your jaw. But when they become inflamed and irritated – for reasons we don’t yet fully understand – you can experience intense pain.

With advances in TMJ therapy, there’s no reason to keep suffering. We offer you several treatment methods to reduce or eliminate your TMJ pain so you can experience a better quality of life. Our solutions include:

  • Custom Occlusal Guard– This appliance will fit comfortably in your mouth while you sleep, exerting gentle pressure on your lower jaw to ease tension on your TMJ. Not only will your jaw feel better, but the appliance will also help prevent you from grinding your teeth. Teeth grinding can cause premature wear on tooth enamel and require restorative dental work.
  • Laser Therapy – Our gentle, low-level laser will penetrate down to the tissues near the TMJ. Treatment will reduce inflammation in these muscles and help promote their healing. Many patients feel immediate relief from this therapy.
  • Muscle Relaxing Injections – This FDA-approved treatment will temporarily keep the muscles around your TMJ from engaging. With less muscle movement to irritate this area, you’ll experience less jaw pain and fewer headaches. Treatment can be repeated as needed.

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